Industry professionals with a "Love for the Game"

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Take a strong passion for entertainment with educated, personable and determined ownership and you’ll have a recipe for success in the DJ Industry.

The excitement, energy and enthusiasm that comes with leading an event is similar to that of a coach at a competitive teams sports contest.  As the DJ / Emcee, the music you select will affect the outcome of the event; similar to a coach who makes a player substitution or designs a play during a timeout.

When acting as the facilitator,  the DJ must be educated in reading the atmosphere of an event to know what level of entertainment is appropriate at that particular point in celebration.  Facilitating  (like coaching) is critical and the DJ must provide leadership to ensure the event flows smoothly.

Northeast DJ’s have a true passion for entertainment, and fully understand the importance leadership and how it relates to timing and organization.   We pride ourselves on our ability to read a crowd and (when appropriate) will make the necessary adjustment in the level of entertainment.

Select a DJ professional who brings a “love for the game!”   Choose Northeast DJs to lead the entertainment at your next event.

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