Professional DJ in Maine, NH and MA explains the advantage of "intelligent" lighting

Northeast DJ’s feature intelligent lighting shows all across Maine, NH, and MA.

Intelligent lighting fixtures are constructed with a variety of features designed to offer a number of different lighting opportunities and options. Some of these features include:

* Mechanical dimming capabilities* Numerous color filters set on a wheel for automated changes in color

* Four-bladed, automatic framing shutters

* Pattern wheels with gate shutters to alter the shape of the light beam

* High-speed motors that can open and shut shutters to create a strobe effect

* Lights attached to a fully motorized yoke for better pan and tilt capabilities

* Automated pivoting mirrors to reflect the light beam along the X and Y axes.  Most modern intelligent lighting kits feature arc lamps as their source of light.

Professional Maine DJ light show

Because intelligent lights are linked together and controlled on a professional board, the light show style can be “passive, soft and elegant” OR “aggressive, wild and adventurous”.  Be fearful of the DJ with the spot “par can” lighting – those colored lights that project one beam and blink like a stoplight all night!  It’s 2010 people; make sure your DJ is “intelligent”, at least when it comes to lighting!

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