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For those of you who are checking out Northeast DJs for the first time you may not know that the business is comprised of two Maine DJs who had successful individual DJ careers. In September of 2009 DJ Dan DeBruin and I (DJ Greg Young) began working hard behind the scenes to launch a marketing campaign and website for this new venture. In the past five months we have been working tirelessly to promote and grow Northeast DJs. This work was showcased across the state of Maine when Northeast DJs took part in three of the Maine Wedding Association bridal shows.

In an attempt to share our fresh ideas we have created this blog to educate and inform potential clients about the entertainment industry. Dan and I have both worked for higher education institutions within the state of Maine as admissions counselors. We have met with hundreds of people, given hundreds of public presentations and we are firm believers in providing detailed information to potential clients (or previously, students). Recently, it has been brought to my attention that potential clients aren’t the only ones keeping tabs on Northeast DJs. In a recent conversation with a friendly competitor I realized that many of the DJs throughout the state of Maine are closely watching the rapid growth of our company.

Because Dan and I firmly believe in educating our clients on what they should expect when hiring a mobile entertainer we frequently publish articles on our business philosophy, we share with the world the equipment we use and we also publish our upcoming events and client lists online. We don’t do this for any other reason than to share with everyone the vision of Northeast DJs. As a business we are firm believers in open communication. We openly communicate with our clients, we openly communicate with the other wedding professionals we work with and we openly communicate with the world wide web.

Recently, our posts have been the topic of conversation for many Maine DJ companies. Why? My belief is that there is some resentment, animosity and perhaps, while no one will admit it, jealousy. In our five months of doing business we have managed to launch one the most aggressive online marketing campaigns within our industry and state. We have designed some of the nicest print material for any company that I have seen and we continue to develop our strategic plan in a way that will have a positive impact for our clients. Because we have chosen to do this publicly we have become the hot topic of conversation for many local companies.

I will admit that I too am guilty of checking out other Maine DJ company websites. I comb their websites for ideas and use it as a way to stay one step ahead of everyone else. However, in browsing other DJ company websites in Maine I have come to realize that there aren’t many ideas to be had. I don’t mean this to be taken in a negative way, instead, what I mean is that no one else shares their thoughts, opinions, goals, and advice online.

I know that some people will say it’s bad business to share everything we do with the world wide web. However, I firmly believe that Northeast DJs will stay dedicated to the continued success we have seen and will never stay complacent. So, while we share what we did yesterday it is the future that drives our vision. We will continue to use cutting edge technology, we will continue to boast about the things we have accomplished and we will continue to offer unique, memorable and affordable entertainment that stands out in comparison to many of the other companies throughout Maine.

The truth is simple, we are confident. We aren’t arrogant or conceded but we simply believe that our dedication to the client will continue to yield a positive response from the consumer. We are always willing to discuss and share best practices amongst other industry professionals. We always encourage a phone call and conversation to discuss the things we are doing and we are always there to help out another professional when needed. For those DJ companies who have taken the time to network with Northeast DJs you can attest to the level of service we provide. We have loaned out equipment to numerous DJs to help them enhance their performance, we have discussed renting equipment to other professionals when needed and we continue to mentor young and upcoming talent in Maine. We don’t ask for anything in return except for the mutual understanding that if you scratch our back, we will scratch yours.

The entertainment business is unregulated within the state of Maine. As a result you will find a variety of talent range and price points. There are some hobbyist DJs who have their home stereo system that they take out and plug in and provide music for a backyard party. There are companies that offer a quality product but lack the professionalism to bring together a successful and balanced business. And there are also many reputable DJ companies within Maine that will provide quality entertainment and great customer service. We aren’t saying that our service is better than anyone else’s – that is for the client to decide. We are simply providing the literature needed for our clients to make an educated decision on a purchase that they are about to make. Our website  is designed with our marketing plan in mind. Our blog posts are designed to educate our clients and are not intended for other industry professionals. With that said, we understand that other DJs are continuously looking at our site and we are fine with that. Our only hope is that you will interact on our blog. We would love the feedback from clients and other DJs alike. Lets publicly share best practices and lets work on bettering the DJ industry as a whole.

I was told earlier today that the world wide web and our individual websites serve as our soapbox where we are able to post our thoughts in whatever way we would like. I will now step down from my soapbox but I certainly encourage and welcome any conversation from clients or DJs alike. I am always available to speak with and would enjoy the opportunity to speak with you about the entertainment we can provide!


DJ Greg

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