Northeast DJ's have had steller careers in higher education…Why a DJ career?

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In most cases there is one thing that drives people to become a mobile DJ – A LOVE FOR MUSIC.

Creative…Passionate…Sophisticated –> If you don’t love music, then why would you possibly want to be a DJ? Not only that, but you need to have a very eclectic range of musical knowledge. As a mobile DJ, you will be playing for a huge range of people, and you always need to be keeping your audience in mind. It’s no use turning up to a baby shower and playing Gangster Rap at full volume, you won’t be making any friends, and you won’t be asked back to play at their next occasion. The best thing to do is have a broad portfolio of music before even starting to play. 60’s and 70’s classic rock is going to get you props at a whole lot of parties, but you are going to need jazz, R&B, Disco, Funk, 80’s Dance, Hip Hop and even Country & Western music to keep your broad range of clientele happy. Remember, you are not playing this music for yourself, you are playing it for your customers.

There are so many different types of functions that you will be asked to play in the mobile DJ business, that you will never get bored of the job. One day you’ll be playing the waltz for a bride and groom, and the next you’ll be playing grunge at someones 21st. You’ll be performing at Bah Mitzvahs, school formals, birthday parties and even baby showers. Each one of these jobs will be different and exciting, and yes, also daunting at times. If you love people, and you love music, then making the decision to become a mobile DJ will be one of the best decisions you have ever made in your life.  Northeast DJ’s have REDEFINED the entertainment industry!

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