Northeast DJ’s | Your Top Choice For A School DJ

DJ Danny D and DJ Greg are college-educated music enthusiasts. We are trained entertainment specialists with the ability to beatmix music. In addition to our musical talents, we are trained emcee’s with the ability to hype up your crowd, keeping the dance floor packed all night long!

Mixing today’s top songs, Northeast DJ’s uses creativity rarely seen on the mobile DJ circuit! This unique experience will have students out of their seats and on the dancefloor.

As young professionals DJ Danny D and DJ Greg strive to keep your event young and fun. We listen to and enjoy top 40, hip hop, alternative and mainstream music and will use a variety of music genre’s to ensure that your students are satisfied. In addition to today’s top songs we will mix in a variety of ‘old school favorites’ that will keep your crowd singing all night long.

As trained entertainers, the success of an event comes when everyone leaves with a smile on their face. We look forward to helping you achieve this goal!