The Importance Of Hiring A Professional

mainedjNortheast DJ’s continuously researches the trends within the entertainment industry in an effort to stay cutting edge. Today, while browsing through some wedding statistics I came across an interesting article discussing the process a ‘typical bride’ goes through when hiring entertainment for their wedding day.

Here is snipit from the article:

“Brides-to-be place entertainment 9th in priority before their wedding reception.

75% of brides placed entertainment 1st or 2nd when polled after their wedding day.

Entertainment on average is 4% o 8% of the budget, but accounts for 80% of the success of the evening.

82% of guests remember the entertainment most about the wedding.

84% of brides that chose a band regretted the decision and wished They had chosen of DJ.

95% of brides polled after their reception regretted chosing a budget DJ or family friend and wish they had gone with an experienced, established professional.”

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