Tips When Booking Your DJ Entertainment

Things To Consider When Hiring Your Entertainment

Your efforts to plan a successful party require a lot of organization and energy. You have to coordinate a variety of vendors to ensure success. Perhaps one of the most important reflections of your event will be the entertainment you hire. When considering entertainment for your next wedding reception, prom or party here are some things to consider:

1. Prompt and Open Communication

You should expect and deserve quality customer service. This means a prompt reply to any emails or phone calls. Our goal is to always respond within a few hours – but it should never take longer than 24 hours to receive a response. In addition to prompt service, open communication should be encouraged. This allows the opportunity for continuous brainstorming and idea generation.

2. Willingness to meet with you to discuss your event

The success of your event and the impression that your guests are left with is largely the responsibility of the entertainment you hire. Therefore, whenever possible, you should meet with your entertainment prior to hiring them. Your ability to communicate effectively and the connection formed with an entertainment company during this initial meeting will help you make your final decision. Being comfortable with your entertainer is key to the events success.

3. Is the person knowledgeable about your type of event?

There are many great choices for entertainment, but that doesn’t mean that the company specializes in your field. Many ‘household’ DJ names are the ones we experience when we are at the club. They are great at mixing music, but doesn’t mean that they would host your wedding with class and professionalism. When discussing your event with your entertainment examine their past experience. Ask for references. Follow up with those references. Make sure the company you hire is reputable and suited for the position you are hiring them for!

4. Will the person you interviewed be at your event?

We’ve heard it before, many times: ‘I met with the Owner, he said he would be there – but then sent out some other person last minute to DJ my wedding – and he wasn’t even prepared!’

  • Make sure the person you interview at your consultation will be the person working your event! Keep in mind, emergencies happen – and there could be the potential of a last minute swap however this shouldn’t happen – and by checking references you will find this information out!

5. Consider this when pricing your DJ

The amount of money you spend on the venue, food, photographer, decorations – could very easily be tainted if your entertainment is sub par! Your entertainment is your insurance policy – it’s the justification for having your celebration. Without professionally trained entertainment, your money could be going to waste if your guests won’t enjoy themselves. As with any service industry, you get what you pay for. Name and reputation drives the price of the product you purchase.

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